What we do

We follow the Systems Biology approach, where biological phenomena are seen as resulting from the interactions of its constituents. Interpreting these phenomena requires the use of quantitative methods and computation. We work on many aspects of Computational Systems Biology:

  • Development of modelling and simulation software (like COPASI)
  • Construction of large-scale cellular models (digital organisms)
  • Parameter estimation and sensitivity analysis
  • Standards for systems biology
  • Multiscale modelling and simulation
  • Reverse-engineering biological networks (top-down modelling)
  • Enzyme kinetics for model construction (bottom-up modelling)

We are also involved in modeling biological phenomena:

  • The network of iron absorption, metabolism and signalling in mammals
  • Dynamics of eukaryotic protein synthesis
  • Mixed species Candida albicans-bacterial biofilm formation

Where we work

We are located in the Center for Quantitative Medicine, part of the University of Connecticut School of Medicine. Our academic affiliation is with the Department of Cell Biology.

A great amount of our work is done through collaborations