Funding is essential to research, without it science would not be possible. We are grateful to a number of generous funding agencies for their support to our work.

Current grants

SponsorGrant no.ProjectMendesLocation
BBSRCBB/J019259/1development of COPASI and support of its users in the UKPIManchester
NIH (NIGMS)R01GM080219development of COPASI and support of its biomedical users in the USAjoint PI with Stefan HoopsFarmington, CT
BBSRCBB/K019783/1development of the ChEBI database to serve systems biology projects (eg metabolic reconstructions)PIManchester
EU FP7289434BioPreDyn, large-scale metabolic models and parameter estimation for biotechnologyPI (Coordinator Jaeger)Manchester
BBSRCBB/J015512/1modeling E. coli production of limonene (metabolic engineering)co-PI to Nigel ScruttonManchester
BBSRCBB/I008349/1studying stochasticity in eukaryotic gene expressionco-PI to John McCarthyManchester
BBSRCBB/I020535/1studying control of protein synthesis in yeastco-PI to John McCarthyManchester

Previous funding

Previous projects were funded by the following agencies, to which we are also equally grateful: