Postdoc position open for IL-1 modelling

A BBSRC-funded Postdoctoral Research Associate position is now open to carry out modelling and simulation of the Interleukin-1 associated network particularly its activation by reactive oxygen species. Candidates are sought with experience of modelling biological systems, particularly with SBML-compliant software such as COPASI or Cell Designer.

Posted on: Oct 07, 2008

This position is now closed

This Postdoc position is for up to 3 years and will integrate in a vibrant collaboration between the Mendes and Rothwell labs. The successful applicant is expected to have a PhD in life sciences, mathematical biology, computer science, physics or related areas and is expected to be familiar with the modelling aspects of systems biology. Knowledge of SBML as a user, and experience with software such as Gepasi, COPASI, or Cell Designer are desirable.

Update: This position has now been filled.