SBRML — draft proposal for a results markup language

We propose a specification for systems biology modelling results to complement the existing SBML standard. This draft proposal is being made available for discussion, mainly at the SBML Forum in Gothenburg, Sweden (Aug 27-28, 2008). SBRML draft available here.

Posted on: Aug 18, 2008

The Systems Biology Results Markup Language, SBRML, is an XML format to communicate results of operations carried out on SBML models. An SBRML document contains three sections: 1) a reference to an SBML model, 2) a section describing the operations that were carried out, and 3) the actual numerical results, appropriately referenced to the SBML model entities.

The specification of SBRML has been intended to allow generic XML query tools to be able to process these files. In addition it allows references to ontologies that define operations, algorithms, etc. The specification was written in the same style as SBML, as it is intended to complement the latter. The full document and the XML schema are available here.

This initial SBRML draft was created by Joseph Dada, Norman Paton, and Pedro Mendes, from the School of Computer Science of The University of Manchester. It was an activity taken under the auspices of the the Manchester Centre for Integrative Systems Biology.

The BBSRC and EPSRC are acknowledged for funding the MCISB and this project.