B-Net — A schema for representing detailed biochemical knowledge

B-Net is an open source database schema that allows for a rather detailed representation of biochemistry. The aims of B-Net are to represent knowledge with minimal human annotation, instead making use of the relational model to represent connections between biochemical entities. B-Net also provides means for annotating each biochemical entity and interaction with the type of evidence that led to that knowledge.

B-Net is being used as the database holding YeastNET, the consensus reconstruction of yeast metabolic network.

B-Net was developed from 2002-2009 by: Bharat Mehrotra, Xing Jing Li, Aejaaz Kamal, Olga Brazhnik, Stefan Hoops, Neil Swainston, and Pedro Mendes.

We have a detailed description of the B-Net Schema

Download B-Net: bnet_080709_noData.sql.gz (latest version). This is an SQL script that will create the database. This is for PostgreSQL, and it must be run by a user with administrator permissions.

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